7 reasons to consider LOGOS one of the best Bible video games

There has been a lot of Bible-based video games out there until now, but they have some characteristics that make them kind of bad in some ways. We respect the true-hearted efforts made, but some games are satiric or even didn’t comply with what they say; we’re referring to the second case. A good Bible video game had to be done

What makes a good Bible video game

We think that a good Bible game must be a game in the first place. Some games in this category tend to be more like didactic methods to learn the Bible. Yes, one of the objectives can be learning, but this shouldn’t be an imposition; we should be able to play a game before anything else.

Reasons to consider LOGOS one of the best out there until now

1.- It’s not a didactic method; is really a video game

We didn’t try to make a method to learn, instead, we tried to see the Bible as a story to be lived. The troubles that some prophets had to overcome to be exactly that; prophets are a source of inspiration and a very profound story to be lived. That can fulfill the story part, but other very important parts are the game mechanics

2.- It has mechanics that other Bible-based video games don’t have

There’s a lack of game interactivity in other Bible-based games that, maybe, is due to the ferreous emphasis of the Bible learning objective. Again, is not bad to try to learn things about the Bible, but a videogame must be a game in the first place. Quick time events, hidden objectives, 3D open-world map exploration, combat experience; we tried to include these characteristics into the game that not many Bible games out there have.

3.- A wider vision on the Bible

Not only because in LOGOS we made vast research even on archeological resources; but because we use a Judeo-Christian point of view about the Bible. Many games are limited just in the Christian point of view and the traditional Jewish perspective is essential, in our opinion, to understand how the world was seen from the eyes of the prophets.

Bible video game free to download: LOGOS
LOGOS: an Indie Game based on the Bible

4.- We didn’t crowd-funded or said we were developing a Bible video game: we just did it.

There are many cool projects out there but are just promises. You can download LOGOS for free. Is just as simple as that: many other bible-based games are inaccessible or didn’t deliver. We put in hands-on work until we finish it in more than 3 years of hard development. That’s why you can play it today while others are just concepts.

5.- Lot of support resources

Because this game was not just an occurrence, we have many multi-language blog articles, a complete wiki about every aspect of the game, and a forum in which you can decide the future of LOGOS. Other Bible-based video games lack these resources.

6.- OS Compatibility

There are not many Linux or Mac Bible Video Games out there, LOGOS is compatible not only with Windows; but with the 3 major operating systems. This gives us a wider reach and, if we have 100,000 downloads we’ll develop a mobile chapter! (always free of charge)

7.- External reviews say so

We’ve been reviewed by third-party sites and gamers that enjoyed playing LOGOS. Others claim that is the best Bible Video Game out there. They say also that some game aspects need to be improved, but comparing to other available Bible games out there, LOGOS stands out.


We really hope that many other Bible-based video games could be developed out there soon in the future, but we hope even more that those games exceed in quality.

There are other people putting a lot of effort to bring the Bible stories in a new perspective and taking risks; like the one that was made by our friends at the Christian Game Developers Conference: Dreams and Nightmares! Check it out!.