LOGOS Bible Video Game


LOGOS is always free. No ads, no memberships, a totally free bible video game for PC!


We offer you an independent development that takes its vision from the Bible and the books it refers to. Check out the whole process of creation


Do you have a Mac, a Windows PC or a Linux personal computer? LOGOS is compatible with the most popular Operating Systems!

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
Bible video game for PC compatible with Windows®, Mac® or Linux®.

Sharing costs nothing

Our game is free for you, but whether it stays free depends on how many people download and review it. By sharing it, you help us a lot. Before you download it, share it on at least one of your networks!


Official Trailer

LOGOS is the result of a passionate search in the Bible, the books of Enoch, Yashar and the untethered touch that distinguishes independent video games.

Behind the scenes

Find out what the technical process was like to create LOGOS.

What was this bible video game based on?

Check out our Wiki with all the historical, archaeological and biblical references on which the development of this bible video game was based.

Game Music Official Video ft. Jd Rap

Discover the music that inspired the Bible Video Game

(Try playing LOGOS with this Playlist in the background)

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Listen to the music that inspired the game (obviously, after De Dios, of course).

Bible Video Game Frequently Asked Questions

Is LOGOS Free?

It is completely free and does not have any "Buy to Advance" or downloadable modules. Nor was it capitalised on sites such as Kickstarter.

Were they faithful to the Bible?

Yes, although creative liberties were taken to complement some of the stories... Relax, it's a video game after all!

Is it a Christian video game?

Totally. Developed in 2020 by TeComprendo.org, LOGOS has a Judeo-Christian vision.

Do you have a mobile version?

Not yet, but download it and share it. If we reach 100,000 downloads, we will make a chapter specifically optimised for mobile devices.

Is the game suitable for children?

Officially no, but with the video games that kids are downloading these days, we don't think it's a big problem for us.

What technical requirements are needed to install it?

Any computer with a good graphics card as of 2013 should be compatible. Specific requirements are:
CPU: Intel Core i5 Dual-Core
RAM: At least 4 GB
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 4700+
Video memory: 512 MB
Disk space: 15 GB